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Pusher averaging

       This trading system is based on the principle of averaging - if the deal unprofitable, we open transactions in the same direction, maybe with increase the volume.

       Anyone, even a strong movement in the market will have a rollback, corrective waves - so the system is break-even, it is important to calculate the size of funds.

       Details the algorithm of averaging is not disclosed because it is copyright.  To using expert system download PusherS3. For each direction of transactions used his indicator Pusher and Speed. Modules for BUY and SELL conveniently to optimize separately.

       By default, the expert is set to EURUSD M15. 


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Download Advisor trading system "Pusher averaging" 


  • Expert's name e_PusherS3 

  • Powered by closed bars. .

  • It works with all MT4 brokers. 

  • It works with all types of performance (Market, Instant). 

  • Any tools, any timeframes. 

  • Optimized code. 

  • Ready to work with real accounts. 

To work counselor in folder terminal  indicators / market must be a file indicator pusher.ex4 


Expert Settings: 

  • Period - corresponding setting of indicator * 

  • Range -  corresponding setting of indicator *

  • Mode - corresponding setting of indicator

  • TrendPeriod - period of the first indicator "Speed"  
  • BackPeriod - period of the second indicator "Speed"


    * - Two independent module for BUY and SELL positions for each module its own set of options. 

    • Lot - positive values: EA trades a permanent lot equal to the parameter, a negative value: expert opens 0.01 lots for each value, a zero value: the expert opens 0.01 lots for each value of the initial deposit and reduces the loss at drawdown, only for tester. 

    • KLot - Lot difference BUY and SELL positions. Example: When parameter is set to 0,5: BUY 0.01 and SELL 0.02. 

    • MagicNumber - magic number of positions opened by the expert. 

    • Slippage_ - allowable slippage in the open position.