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Signal indicator Pusher 

       Pusher is the modern signal indicator designed specifically for finding the optimal entry into the position. The indicator determines the place where is the price will be moved by very strong factors, usually after this market can not be stop immediately

       The indicator irreplaceable in the trading systems and superior superior in quality inputs all known tools. Pusher is based on a truly global market patterns, the systems working out based on it, do not lose the ability to earn on future quotations. 

         Capabilities of indicator allow use it not only as tool Scalping, but also for discovering the long-term positions. 


       Timely signal of input is the basis of any highly profitable system. In addition, these signals must be based on real regularities of exchange pricing, the only way to earn on systematic prediction of future quotations.  

The principle of explosive movements or why it will work in the future. 

       Trends are driven by what I call the "explosions of price activity." In a nutshell, if the price in one hour, day, week, month (choose your time frame for trend identification) is moving up or down by explosive manner, the market will continue to move in the same direction until the same or greater force explosive move will be in the opposite direction. This is what Newton had in mind when he said that the object, once set in motion tends to stay in motion. About shares, currencies and commodity futures can say the same thing: starting moving in one direction, the price is most likely to keep going in the same direction. 

This regularity works in all markets and will continue to work, it is confirmed by the fact that the systems built on this principle can profitably operate in the vast interval of history and show resistance to future market changes. 

The idea is that the price makes an explosive breakout up or down from the center point. This is what defines or sets the trend. Thus, we have two questions: First, what we mean by an explosive breakthrough (which values should be moving up or down), and the second - from what point can we measure this expansion of price? 

Signal indicator Pusher looking for explosive movements  in the past and compares them with the current. Indicator settings allow to reveal the true movement of any currency pair, stocks or any other liquid instrument. 

To test we use the system "always in the position" using a single indicator Pusher. 

Pusher in protracted trends 

        As rule at protracted movements, sudden movements against the trend are not peculiar, corrective waves are calmer. Pusher perfectly exploits such behavior of prices, without giving false signals against the trend. 



    Principle of operation and parameters 


        Principle of operation: Pusher compares the current movement with the movements in the past. And if the current movement more than in the past, Pusher gives a signal. 

    The indicator has four adjustable parameters: 

  • Period - the number of bars for measurement force of motion, can be set from 1 to 9999. 

  • Range - the number of bars of history for the analysis of the previous movements can be set from 1 to 90 000 000. 

  • Mode - a method of analysis can take values from 0 to 2. Up + Dn (0) - analyzes all the candles, Normal (1) - analyzes the candles same directivity as the signal, Reverse (2) - analyzes candles opposite directivity. 

    Draw - method drawing the signals, you can disable one or the other direction. 


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Technical information
  • After the closure of the bar, the indicator does not change its value (not redrawn).
  • It works on all instruments and timeframes.
  • Do not load your computer (optimized code).