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 FourAverage is the adaptive trend indicator.


            With the development of information technologies and the large number of participants, the financial markets are less amenable to analysis by obsolete indicators. Traditional technical analysis tools such as moving average and stochastics in pure form are not able to determine the direction of the trend or its reversal.

    Can any one indicator to indicate the correct direction of future price without changing their settings on the history of 14 years?

    Answer: Yes, it can.

    It has been developed the indicator having sufficiently powerful and effective mechanism to adapt to changing market conditions.

    The new leading indicator of the trend of the development team "ExcStrategy", uses a four-level adaptive antialiasing

    The unique formula smoothing allows you to adjust the  (identify patterns), the indicator for any features of currency pair or other tool. Now, in order to have a profit, enough only one indicator, and it is only the beginning, in conjunction with other tools or as a signal filter, the benefits of FourAverage are enormous.

    The indicator FourAverage, unlike other trend indicators are not lost when flet.

    Индикатор FourAverage на грфике

    • The indicator is not redrawn on the formed bars. If the bar is closed, the indicator testimony are unchanged.
    • The indicator works on all timeframes from M1 to MN.
    • The indicator has built-in function of drawing arrows
    • The indicator has built-in function of calculation and display of profit


    Adjustable parameters:

     PeriodFA; Calculation period of indicator

     Average_1; the first level of adaptive anti-aliasing value of 0-300
     Average_2; the second level of adaptive anti-aliasing value of 0-300
     Average_3; тthe third level of adaptive anti-aliasing value of 0-300
     Average_4; fourth level of adaptive anti-aliasing value of 0-300

    Using the  tester of strategy built-in MetaTrader4, i_FourAverage indicator was set on the currency pair EURUSD with the time period D1.

    extern int PeriodFA = 2;
    extern int Average_1 = 200 ;
    extern int Average_2 = 65;
    extern int Average_3 = 140;
    extern int Average_4 = 155;

    On the following figures added the lines showing the results in the case of blind adherence to rules (indicator> 0 buy, sell less).

    Индикатор FourAverage на грфике, визуализация 

    The attempt to set up the indicator on EURUSD H1, showed a phenomenal result, 17,000 points in 14 years, simply by following the indications of the indicator.

    extern int PeriodFA = 24;
    extern int Average_1 = 200 ;
    extern int Average_2 = 21;
    extern int Average_3 = 114;
    extern int Average_4 = 83;

    Индикатор FourAverage на грфике, визуализация 2



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