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EA ImpulsPro

       Team of Exit Strategy is always looking for new ways to analyze financial markets. Tools and models are constantly improved. The study of the theory of explosions in volatility led to the conclusion that before the true explosion needs a period of rest (narrowing of the ranges, the flat area). 

       Indicator was developed that analyzes the previous history of recreational areas and determines the moment when we can expect a true breakthrough. The results have been impressive, experts with this logic of discovery, showed the results of most of the instruments. 

       Expert Impuls Pro - the simplest implementation of a tandem explosion of volatility and analysis by the flat zones. The principle of the opening: the expert analyzes the history of a trading instrument and determines which should be a break in front of a strong movement. Next, finding such a zone, the expert waiting for momentum for the opening in the direction of the explosion. 

      Accompaniment of position is absent, and the output is carried out by means of stop loss and take profit. 

       Characteristic features of this expert is a linearity of graph of profit, and therefore simplifies the analysis of its future performance. The ability to start trading already with $ 50 allows using Adviser by traders of any level. A positive result on a variety of instruments, opens up possibilities for hedging of risks, using multi-currency trading. 


In the expert it is possible to use the already selected options. For enabling it use the parametr "Auto setting". The parameters were selected in the area 2012-2015. Until 2012, the adjustment is radically other, apparently there are changes of the behavior of currencies. 



  • Expert works only on closed bases; 
  • The strategy does not use martingale or averaging; 
  • It works as to the type of performance "Instant Execution", and "Market Execution" (automatic detection); 
  • Automatically determines the number of characters in quotes and is working on the quotes of digits after the decimal point; 
  • Resistant to the temporary connection failure or a short-term shutdown of the computer. After turning on the computer Advisor pick up their orders and surely will continue to trade. 
  • Always works only with own orders, even if you decide to trade at the same time manually. 

Terms of Trade 

  • Currency Pairs: All; 
  • Timeframe: All: 
  • The recommended initial deposit: from $ 50. 
  • Little spread significantly increase profits. 

Parameter description


  • Auto setting
  1. Automatic settings - The EA only works on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and on the H1 timeframe, all settings in the SETING OPEN section are defined automatically for each pair. MagicNumber is automatically changed when it is set for different pairs. The EA uses two sets of settings for each currency pair.
  2. Manual setting - fully manual mode, works everywhere, you can configure the SETING OPEN settings yourself.

  • Range - the amount of bars to analyze flat zones.
  • Period - breakout channel period.
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points, if the values are negative, then in % of the channel width.
  • TakeProfit - ake profit in points, if the values are negative, then in % of the channel width.



  • MMode - contains five money management types, sorted by aggressiveness. If the "No MM" value is set, then the Lot parameter will be used for the calculation of the lot.
  • Lot - risk percentage of the deposit in each trade (Example: Lot = 0.5 risk half the deposit in each trade). If the value is negative, it is used as a fixed lot (Example: Lot = -0.01 the trade will be opened with the size of 0.01 lot).



  • MaxSpread - If the current spread is greater than this value, the trade will not be opened.
  • MagicNumber - beginning of the range of magic numbers occupied by the Expert Advisor. The EA occupies 50 numbers.
  • Slippage - allowed slippage.



See the description of the module



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