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     Breakeven trading robot "Ilanis"     


       Advisor Ilanis - trade expert for the exchange trading is suitable for work in Forex and other markets, commodities, metals market and indices. To determine the entry into the market we using modern and ultra light adaptive indicator FourAverage.


       The average profit is 30-60% per month. In certain settings (primarily an increase in the starting bid), you can receive up to 100% in a month, but in this case the by trader is highly desirable to continuously monitor the state of the account with the established advisor.

       The huge increase in earnings occur when using an expert on the set of instruments, with the drawdown is often hold back to contain on the same level. The principle of management positions is a very similar with the the work of the famous forex advisor "Ilan", with using averaging. But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses precise and accurate ingress into the market, which puts profits and stability to a new level. The robot uses a "break-even trade," where great attention is paid to control the position, if the price has gone not in the expected direction. This means that profits will be get no matter where the price will goes after the opening of the transaction. This effect is achieved by increasing the lot of Martingale (ExpLot coefficient can be set in the settings, on average from 1.1 to 1.8)

       Trading is based on the fact that 80% of the market is moving in a flet. The danger for the advisor may be in a protracted trend, but this is fairly rare. The cause of such trends can be extraordinary events such as war, economic collapse, etc. This can be found on news sites, after which it is desirable to turn off the advisor. If it fails to do so, the robot through a flexible system of money management in most cases has able to output the combined position even open against the trend in profits, the amount of which can significantly exceed the originally planned. It is clear that in this case the risks increase.

Ilanis vs big trend


       The main rule when dealing with Ilanisom: do not be greedy, do not raise lot, use the settings received after proper optimization - and you can easily get 10-30% per month. You should periodically optimize the parameters for the current market.


 Купить эксперта Ilanis в магазине систем алготрейдинга


Купить эксперта Ilanis Free в магазине систем алготрейдинга 


That is unnecessary. The default settings have been specially designed for EURUSD M15. Moreover, they are time-tested for over a year( and show stable results.
You can use Ilanis on any currency pairs. But we need to be other set optimization.
When used on several currency pairs at the same time, it is necessary to change the magic number. So that they do not overlap.
Warning: the drawdown when trading in multiple currency pairs can be matched.