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BuyLow - robot for small deposit

       Advisor is designed to work with small deposits is trading on trend strategy based on its own indicator FourAverage.

    Traiding strategy:

    The robot uses a strategy of "buy low (BuyLow)". The system has an adaptive stop (stop is not bound for a clear number of items) to control the losses that allows the system to generate a steady income since 2000.


           The trading system is trying to buy at low prices and sell at the maximum. This leads to many small losses and big profitable trades. The system is designed for EURUSD H1, but the adaptation of the parameters can be run on any financial instruments.

           The main advantage of the system is a small drawdown, which allows you to start trading with a small deposit. For example, with the default settings, for confident trade enough $ 70.


    The results of the expert testing:

           BuyLow with an initial deposit of $ 100 on the tool EURUSD H1, in the period from 01/01/2000 on 06/01/2014 earned $ 27 300 Net profit for the 14 years of trading amounted to 27300%. Maximum drawdown is 50%.

    You can get similar information by downloading the demo version of the expert and test it.




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    Technical information

    EA BuyLow:

    • It works great with all dealing centers that use MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
    • Magnificently works both with brokers "Instant Execution", and with the brokers "Market Execution" (Automatic detection).
    • Automatically determines the number of characters in quotes and is working on the quotes of digits after the decimal point.
    • Resistant to the temporary connection failure or a short-term shutdown of the computer. After turning on the computer Advisor pick up their orders and confidently will continue to trade.
    • Always works only with own orders, even if you decide to trade manually at the same time.

    Terms of trade:

      • Trading platform: MetaTrader 4.
      • Dealing Center: Anyone that supports MetaTrader 4 platform.
      • Currency pair: any.
      • Timeframe: Up to D1.
      • Minimum lot size: 0.01.
      • Leverage: 1: 100 or more.